Walks with Spirits

By Edale Lane

Bound by love, separated by a tragic mistake; can two Indigenous women realize their happy ending?

Long ago, in an age of mysticism, Walks with Spirits, a two-spirit woman, perceives voices whispering on the wind and they empower her with the gift of calling animals. But who she truly wishes to call to her side is her childhood friend, Laughing Brook.

Walks with Spirits is a historical fantasy set in an ancient time. Packed with Native American themes, heart-touching imagery, and an epic love story, Walks with Spirits will immerse you in an inspiring view of life.

If you like a historical spiritually uplifting sapphic romance, you will love this novel!


Daughter of a shaman and an herbalist-midwife, Laughing Brook holds a prominent place in her society and bears the responsibilities it entails. She is training to be a healer like her mother, but her most compelling desire is to spend her life with Walks with Spirits. 

When a misunderstanding crushes their dreams of happiness, both women must learn to face the trials that await them in a land where danger lurks behind every tree and honor means more than life. Will the spirits intervene on their behalf, or are they fated never to manifest their visions of love?

Read what people are saying about Walks with Spirits

"Heartfelt, engaging, and thought-provoking, author Edale Lane’s “Walks with Spirits” is a must-read novel of 2022!"

"The writing is so beautiful, it makes me feel like I'm there. I have fallen in love with this author." C.M.

"Seldom does a book invoke such strong emotion in me about the characters." L.D.

"The heart of this narrative fell to the two amazing protagonists and one of the strongest LGBTQ romances I’ve read this year so far, Walks with Spirits and Laughing Brook." Anthony

"Edale Lane perfects the finer art of cultural and community inspection, employing the drama and allure of fiction to captivate readers with a moving story...The result is a moving, passionate saga of love, change, strength and growth that features two already-strong women who tackle issues of honor and duty as they consider their relationship and the intrusion of the world outside their tribe." Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

Walks with Spirits is at once a journey into another time and place and into our own inner beings. Withing its pages we glimpse examples of how we may better weave the strands of our thoughts, emotions, and actions into the tapestry of a life well-lived.  

A Book For All Readers

While Walks with Spirits includes a female/female romance, it does not provide explicit sexual content; therefore, it is safe for all readers. While it is a peek into another culture and a treatise on spirituality, it is primarily an uplifting love story, although animals will be killed in the story.

A Book Based On Facts and Legend

While this novel is a work of fiction that does not in any way attempt to tell the history of a particular First Nation or their heritage, a lot of research went into creating an authentic world. Edale Lane also employed an Indigenous sensitivity reader to insure that respect for all Native Americans is preserved within the pages. The original people of the Pacific Northwest have various origin stories of how features of the landscape got there. In Walks with Spirits, Lane has used the sacred tales as a springboard from which to imagine similar ones that mirror the idea without infringing on anyone's beliefs.

A Word From The Author

Walks with Spirits has been a labor of love for me. Since relocating here, I have immersed myself in the matchless splendor of British Columbia, and am blessed to be surrounded by protective mountains, life-sustaining waterways, and friendly forests. The touch of the breeze enlivens me and it is not hard to imagine the civilization stretching back ten thousand years that abounded here. I hope that you will be as inspired reading this novel as I have been writing it." 



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