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Mr. X and the Blackmailed Female

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History, mystery, romance!

Victorian England's ace detective Xavier Wellington is as enigmatic as the mysteries he solves... or is the sleuth actually a woman?

Stetson Goody has learned to wear many hats in her persuit of a more exciting and rewarding life than society would have allowed, but when she meets Jewel, an enchanting new client, her world defined by misdirection and disguise gets truly turned upside down.

When blackmail turns to kidnapping, can Stetson (or Mr. X) save Jewel and perhaps find love in the process?hen

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History, legend, death

The Natchez Trace has a rich history including many a chilling tale of ghosts and murder.

In October of 1844 Brody and his son set out on a hunting trip that would forever change their lives while under the influence of the Devil's Stone.

Can Brody resist the insistant urge to kill that beats in his mind, or will an ancient evil claim another victim?


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