Shadows over Milan

Book Five of the Night Flyer Series

By Edale Lane

What happens when heroes fall?

Murder strikes Milan, threatening the city’s future under an ominous shadow of war. Was it the Spanish, the Germans, the Milanese, or were darker forces at play? The city is thrust into a frenzy only the Night Flyer can quell, but can she halt the wheels of war?

Maddie’s greatest fears are realized when the Night Flyer suffers a serious injury that leaves her just short of dead. Florentina suffers more than physical pain as she grapples with a crisis of faith. Will she be forced to choose between continuing as the Night Flyer and staying with the woman she loves?

The final installment of the Night Flyer Series is riddled with mystery, political intrigue, danger, and heart-felt moments as the various storylines from throughout the saga come together in an exciting conclusion you don’t want to miss!

Stellar reviews!


llon Kenn

You don't have to have read the first four books to enjoy Shadows over Milan! (But it helps.)

Loaded with art and history

Shadows over Milan reveals more action and history of Milan before transporting our heroines and readers to magical Venice. Discover the story behind the famed Rialto Bridge along with classic Italian literature in this last installment of the Night Flyer Series.

Romance and Mystery

The action opens with a murder mystery which the Night Flyer and team must solve to prevent a war. Florentina and Madelena are an established, inseparable couple, but they still face challenges to their relationship. Can love truly conquer all?

A Word From The Author

Italy is home to a rich history and some of the world's most phenomenal works of art. But Shadows over Milan is more than a romp through the Renaissance - it is a story of trials and redemption, courage and fear, and one young woman's determination to protect the city she loves. There are mysteries to solve, villains to bring down, personal transformations to achieve, and the satisfaction of loving commitment to enjoy. If you seek a fresh, engaging story that brings the Renaissance to live, then you'll love The Night Flyer Series!"


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