Secrets of Milan

Book Two of the Night Flyer Trilogy

By Edale Lane

Some secrets were meant to stay hidden.

While Florentina searches for a mysterious underworld organization that has attempted to murder the woman she loves, Maddie struggles to deal with the danger Florentina is courting. Her brother, Alessandro, has become the most prominent merchant of Milan, but the Night Flyer uncovers a secret so shocking it could destroy them all.

Secrets of Milan is the second book in Edale Lane’s Night Flyer Trilogy, a tale of power, passion, and payback in Renaissance Italy. If you like drama and suspense, rich historical background, three-dimensional characters, and a romance that deepens into true love, then you’ll want to continue the Night Flyer saga. Order your copy today!


"The Night Flyer character is kickbutt glorious!" LFW

See what readers are saying:

"If anything, this second volume of the trilogy is an improvement on the first!"

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"You won't be able to keep this one a secret. Every turn of the page is enhanced by historicity, action-packed scenes, and the authenticity of Florentina and Madelena's desire to be with one another." The Paperback Voyager


"Wow, what an exciting conclusion to the novel! I managed to finished this book more quickly than the others I’ve been reading. There are some interesting twists to the plot. For myself, I found myself fascinated by the science and history that Florentina teaches the children. There is action, intrigue and romance..." Reader review


"The compelling sequel to Merchants of Milan is exactly what I was hoping for after the exciting start of The Night Flyer trilogy. Secrets of Milan is a profound and intriguing story...The stakes are higher, the paths ahead less clear, and there may be more at stake than any of them realize. Secrets of Milan exceeded my expectations and continued to develop the characters and story elegantly. I love the Night Flyer Trilogy so much and can’t wait for the thrilling conclusion." Reader review

You don't have to read book one first to enjoy Secrets of Milan! (but if you haven't you'll want to pick up Merchants of Milan)

Loaded with art and history

Secrets of Milan takes the reader on a tour of more magnificent treasures of Milan and then on to Rome for the Forum, Colosseum, the Vatican and more. Learn about the new young sensation, Michelangelo and the history of Castle Sforza through the eyes of our characters.

Mystery and Romance

Florentina and Madelena must work through emotional obstacles in order to deepen their love. At the same time, Florentina's alter-ego the Night Flyer must battle an assassin and attempt to uncover the secret society behind the plot.

A Word From The Author

"Italy is home to a rich history and some of the world's most phenomenal works of art. But Secrets of Milan is more than a romp through the Renaissance - it is a story of love and uncertainty, courage and fear, and one young woman's journey from innocence into a world cast in shades of gray. There are mysteries to solve, villians to bring down, personal transformations to achieve, and the satisfaction of loving commitment to enjoy. If you seek a fresh novel different from anything you've ever read, then you'll love The Night Flyer Trilogy!"



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