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Missing in Milan

Book 4 of the Night Flyer series

When all credible avenues have been exhausted, then one must consider the incredible.  

Vanishing thieves, disappearing athletes, and an inventor who is nowhere to be found; can the Night Flyer solve a mystery that seems impossible? While Florentina puzzles over the missing people, Maddie’s ex-lover turns up in Milan, claiming she is not there to cause trouble while doing little else.

The Night Flyer must use every resource available, including a memory from her childhood to discover how the thieves escape, who abducted the Calcio players, and whatever happened to the inventor. Could they all be connected? Death awaits as Florentina descends into the depths of an ingenious plot; can she thwart a mysterious criminal, or will he deal her the final blow?

Missing in Milan is the fourth book in Edale Lane’s Night Flyer Series, a tale of power, passion, and payback in Renaissance Italy. If you like action and suspense, rich historical background, three-dimensional characters, and a ff sweet romance, then you’ll want to continue your adventure in a world where anything is possible. Order your copy of Missing in Milan today!

Leonardo and Jules Verne would be happy with the solution to the mystery and any Marvel superhero would be envious of the way the Night Flyer handles the fights. Maddie's and Florentina's relationship is rock solid and they are a wonderful, supportive pair. The city itself is a vivid character in the story. Another great entry in this immersive series.

— Susie U.

"Edale Lane’s heroine has returned to the skies of early 16th-century Milan, and Book Four of THE NIGHT FLYER series will surely delight readers who enjoyed the earlier volumes. Those unfamiliar with Books 1-3 will not have too much difficulty “catching up,” although the novel will probably make more sense in the context of what has transpired earlier."

- Lenny

"I really enjoy this series, so I was pleased to see another adventure for the Night Flyer, the superhero of the Renaissance. I’ve started to figure out some of the clues the author gives. This has made reading Missing in Milan more fun for me because then I read to find out when the Night Flyer and Maddie will unravel what I think I already know, and to see if I’m right."


A Word from Author Edale Lane

In Missing in Milan, the audience is inspired by more of Leonardo da Vinci's genius. The great master's mind was truly a treasure-trove of creative ideas as we get a glimpse of his submarine. We are also privileged to attend a wedding, Renaissance Milan style, and get to put our toes in the sea at the beaches of Genoa. While working to solve a mystery, our characters learn that whatever can be imagined, can indeed be realized. I hope you enjoy the action, adventure, and romance of Missing in Milan.

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