Heart of Sherwood

By Edale Lane

What if there had been a real Robin Hood, only instead of being a "he", the enigmatic outlaw had been a "she"? Robyn of Loxley lost her family, her home, and her freedom; then she reinvented herself. Join Robyn, Maid Marian, Queen Eleanor, and all your favorite characters as they thwart the plots of the Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John. History, adventure, and romance along with a strong empowerment theme. Get your copy today! 


Heart of Sherwood is the 2018-2019 Rainbow Award winner for Best Historical Lesbian Romance! 

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 Best Historical Fiction Novel 2019

"This fantastic, powerful, and awesome tale was a unexpectedly unconventional and unique twist on the classic Robin Hood stories."  

Rainbow wards Winner 2018-2019 Best Historical Lesbian Romance

Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention

Heart of Sherwood is a story of three strong women—Robyn of Loxley, Marian Fitzwalter, and Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine—immersed in the actual events of 1193-1194 English history. When Robyn’s father and brother are killed in the Third Crusade, she is thrown off her manor by the opportunistic Sheriff of Nottingham and branded a traitor. In the guise of a boy, she joins Little John and the gang in Sherwood Forest and soon becomes their leader. Queen Eleanor has employed Maid Marian as a spy in Nottingham when she suspects Prince John of plotting with the Sheriff and Sir Guy. Robyn and Marian are best friends but as they mature into womanhood their feelings for each other blossom as well. Together, Robyn and Marian help Eleanor foil the plot and acquire the funds needed to free King Richard while helping the poor of Nottinghamshire. Through conflict (internal and external), companionship (with a band of outlaws and a beautiful woman), and compassion (for humanity and nature alike), Robyn learns the meaning of duty and sacrifice, and that greatness is not forged with a bow or sword, but with love.  

A Book For All Readers

While Heart of Sherwood features a female/female romance, it does not include explicit sexual content; therefore, it is safe for all readers. The story does refer to an off-screen rape, and describes some battle violence. If this was a movie, it would be given a PG-13 rating.

A Book Based On Facts and Legend

Much research went into the writing of Heart of Sherwood. Whenever possible, actual people, places, and events were included to grant the book accurate historical context. Robin Hood tales from the earliest (1377), up through recent motion pictures were tapped in order to create the most comprehensive version of Robin Hood's camp of merry men and his (her) dealings with the Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John. The work is therefore a collage of fact and fantasy, woven seamlessly together to present the most historically authentic telling of a classic while shaking it up with the hero's female gender.

A Word From The Author

“Heart of Sherwood is not just a story about a female Robin Hood; it is about empowerment - the empowerment of women, certainly, but also of anyone who is deemed unimportant. We see that anyone can be the hero: the old, the young, Norman, Saxon, rich, poor, law-enforcer, fugitive, a defrocked friar, a veteran with PTSD - even a woman who loves another woman. We each can make a difference in our worlds, and we all possess the power to do so. Every person can choose his or her own destiny." 



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