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Daring Duplicity:

The Wellington Mysteries, Vol. 1

Adventures of a Lesbian Victorian Detective

Solving mysteries is her business. Finding love is her dream. Will combining the two get her killed?

Will her clever escapades lead to death… or delight?

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Mystery and Suspense

Victorian Era England. Stetson revels in being unconventional. So when society shies away from her independent nature, the bold woman creates an imaginary boss and opens her own detective agency. And her keen observational skills, convincing disguises, and Holmesian methods quickly bring in a string of tough-to-crack cases.

Daring Duplicity: The Wellington Mysteries, Vol. 1, Adventures of a Lesbian Victorian Detective is a collection of five sequential novellas, each encompassing its own exciting mystery while furthering the story of Stetson’s life in London. If you enjoy crime dramas, Victorian era fiction, or a sweet lesbian romance, then you’ll love award-winning author Edale Lane’s Daring Duplicity. Order yours today!

I LOVE Stetson ... can't wait to read more about her & her lovely Evelyn !!

— Laure

Victorian history

Explore the streets, shops, wharves, and dwellings of the London middle-class, a segment of the population often ignored in period literature. Discover what avenues were open to women at the time, and those that weren't.

Action and adventure!

Take on thieves, kidnappers, murderers, train-robbers, and more along side Stetson as she fights crime and solves mysteries.


Finding the right woman is not an easy task, even for an ace detective. Struggling to squeeze a personal life in around a series of hazardous investigations, Stetson worries she'll never find a woman of like-passions. But with her heart set on true love despite the risk, she carries on hunting for the perfect relationship. Follow Stetson's search for love in a sweet ff romantic path that leads to a world-class musician, who finds most doors closed to her due to her gender and social class. Can Stetson and Evelyn learn to make beautiful music together?

Master of disguise

A background in the theatre equips Stetson with many skills she employs in solving crimes; chief among these is her mastery of costumes, cosmetics, and voice impersonations. She is as convincing playing a man's role as a woman's.  

"I really enjoyed this book, the stories just flowed off the page and once started I didn’t want to put it down." - Tony

"This book is an absolute delight! Our very own lesbian Sherlock Holmes." - Emmy

A word from the author

As you know, I love history, and I love Charles Dickens. I have not imitated his style, but I hope I've given you a glimpse of his London. Exploring the Victorian Era has been great fun and I've gone to great lengths to get every detail correct; but the best part of writing this collection for me has been the introduction of a musician as a main character. My first college degree was in Music Education. I play the French horn, piano, sing, and compose music, therefore getting to put some of my melodic heart and soul into a character for the first time has been very meaningful to me.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Stetson and following along on her mystery solving escapades.

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